Built to handle the growing complexities of per client, per site, per role requirements at the speed temp staffing demands. Client Compliances is an extremely powerful new “advanced restrictions tool” where you can build specific custom rules, workflows, and restrictions for every client site individually. Client Compliances will compare Member Profiles against Client Profiles in real-time and allow e-signing, acknowledgment, and document upload automation using the Member App. Will change Members from “Red” to Green” in the allocations screen once site-specific requirements are met and provides tracking of each compliance completed on a Member/Client Profile

  • Per site compliance rule builder
  • Can automate requirements per Delivery, Qual, Expertise or all 3
  • Able to copy compliances to multiple sites
  • Direct integration with Members App
  • Allows e-sign for per client policies
  • Integrates directly with Member documents
  • Can display to clients in the Client portal
  • Provides additional warnings in Client Allocations
  • Can automatically restrict shifts to Members in App

Note: this module is not compatible with the Member’s Portal, only the Mobile App


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